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FLO Headworks is now dual plugging all Harley-Davidson models from Knucklehead through Twin Cam.

After more than 25 years of working on Harley engines of all types, we thoroughly understand Harley’s built-in detonation problem (see our Detonation article). Starting in 1982 we developed the solution that now works across the whole model range: dual plugging.

Here’s the source of detonation in your Hog: The deeply concave combustion chamber in the cylinder heads keeps the flame from traveling across the entire combustion chamber. Today’s lower-octane, no-lead gas makes detonation worse, and causes valve seat overheating, too. The worst thing is, your engine could be suffering from detonation and you don’t know it—pinging isn’t always audible. But if it is, your power will be down, and overheating will prematurely wear out your top end components.

The test results of our Dual Plugging Kit have been impressive. With 15, 000 Volts output from the coil, using our Dual Plug Wire Kit  and Coil Kit we guarantee our Dual Plugging process will eliminate detonation, spark plug fouling and hard starting, and increase horsepower by at least five percent,

In addition, you’ll enjoy increased gas mileage—up to eight percent according to some tuners. You’ll double the life of your spark plugs, and lower emissions.

Dual plugging is especially effective with high-performance cams. Steel thread inserts are used on Panhead, Shovelhead and Evolution Big Twin.

Our work and products are guaranteed for one year. For an estimate on your particular application contact us directly by telephone at 805-481-6300. Or you can e-mail us.

Dual-plugged Twin Cam

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