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The Motor Company put years of development into the Evolution engine. One of their goals was improved volumetric efficiency: getting more power and less heat from the combustion chambers.

They were partially successful. A few shortcomings remain, like the poor ratio of exhaust to intake air flow ratio.

My Super Flow porting process increases this critical air flow ratio from the stock 78 percent by a full 10 percent, resulting in a power increase you can feel the moment you twist that throttle.

Our replacement valve springs will reduce friction; Dual Plugging will eliminate detonation you may not even be aware of;  our Hydraulic Lifter kit will improve volumetric efficiency; and our Super Port Flow process will increase power.

Evo Big Twin with Super Port Flow

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Cylinder Heads Super Port Flow
FlowMaster Cams (Indexable) Dual Plugging
FLO Valve Spring Kit General Port Work
FLO High Flow Valves Cylinder Head Machining
FLO Pushrods Repair Work / Welding
FlowMaster Cam Kit Cylinder Head Painting
Hydraulic Lifter Kit w/Pushrods Kehien Carb Blueprinting
Kehien CV Carburetor 40mm
(like new)
Lower End Rebuild
Kehein Intake Manifold Lower End Machining
700 CFM Air Filter Kit Transmission Overhaul
Thunderjet Kit Installed
(racing only)
Clutch Overhaul
Power Arc Ignition Kit Dynamometer Test & Tune
Dual Plug Ignition Kit Flow Testing
Dual Plug Wire Kit (single rife)  
Dual Plug Wire Kit  
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